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Kyle Lauren Connected

What is permanent jewelry?

Remember the fun of best friend charms? Permanent jewelry has upped the accessory ante with a fresh perspective on long-term friendships and relationships. An experience as exciting as its permanent wearable designs, get ready to fall in love with a trend that’s here to stay!

Popular, contemporary and fun to wear, create custom necklaces, bracelets and anklets adorned with personalized charms, connectors and signature styles. With a studio welder, jewelry making tools and quality 14K gold, gold filled and sterling silver chain, I’m excited to create permanent connections that are creative and chic.

Permanent jewelry is a type of jewelry that you can’t take on or off because it doesn’t have an end. Where there would otherwise be a manual closure, the piece is welded together to make it clasp less jewelry. It is meant to be put on and left on for an extended period of time. The jewelry is secured on in a more permanent manner using a small machine that welds, or connects, the metal together. 

Permanent jewelry made from good metal (not all metals are created equal) is swimming, showering, airport security safe. But if you ever do need to take it off you simply cut where the jewelry was welded. Then when you are ready to put it back on just come see us to get it re-connected. Easy. Think tattoo but with less commitment.


What's the process?

* Acquiring permanent jewelry is a painless process. The type of welding it requires is safe , however, we require everyone that gets connected first fill out our quick safety waiver. We provide customers with a protective layer to cover their skin & optional safety sunglasses for extra caution. Though you cannot feel the welding happen, you can hear it & see it with your own eyes

* You will try on and pick out what chain(s) you want. If you already know which chain(s) you want, please let us know before your appointment so we can try and make sure to have it for you. Sometimes certain styles sell out.

* Then we will custom fit the chain to your wrist, ankle or neck and apply a temporary link so you can test the sizing. Once we have determined the perfect fit, we will Bond your jewelry.

* Once the chain is cut, it is final sale. So make sure it’s the one you love before we cut the chain!

* We will take Venmo, Cash, Debit or Credit Cards as payment. No checks.


Why get permanent jewelry?

Kyle Lauren permanent jewelry is meant for everyone. With a variety of chain styles & our custom fit process, the customer gets to design a personalized piece of jewelry unique to their own size & style. 

The Kyle Lauren connected experience is perfect for any occasion whether commemorating an event, gifting a loved one, celebrating a special occasion, creating a memory, or just because. We often connect permanent jewelry for couples, permanent friendship bracelets, holidays, anniversary milestones, wedding parties, baby showers, parting gifts & so much more.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Do they require maintenance?

* The gold is pretty maintenance free. The sterling silver may need to be polished if it starts tarnishing.

If it’s permanent, does that mean it can never come off?

* It’s as permanent as you would like it to be. If you must remove it, simply cut the link where it was welded, and we will put it back on when you are ready.

Do they fall off?

* They should never fall off, if they do contact us and we will put it back on for you.

How do they hold up in water?

* Because they are 14K gold filled and sterling silver, they are waterproof.

Will it cause issues at airport security?

* Because they are precious metals, they won’t set off a metal detector, think wedding rings.

Can children get connected?

* Absolutely! With parental or guardian supervision and a signed liability waiver. The parent or guardian must remain present for the process and will be included in the fit consultation.

 Does it hurt?

* No pain tolerance required.

How does it connect without burning you?

* Training and practice to know the correct settings and techniques.

If I host a party do I get a perk?

* Absolutely! All in home parties over $500 get 50% off their first bracelet.

How do I book an appointment?

Go to the best sellers menu tab, click on permanent jewelry appt. and select your time then check out!